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Houston’s Death Should Shine Light on Larger Issues, But Won’t

13 Feb

So Whitney Houston is dead.

My first reactions were pretty typical of me when it comes to celebrities running amok.  I didn’t really care.

To me, it seems somewhat disingenuous to go on about how sad it is that this famous person died or suffered some other brand of misfortune.  It also feels a little inappropriate to me when we pass judgement on the circumstances.  While these people have indeed made the choice to live their lives in the public’s scope, we very rarely know who they really are.  I support the idea that says people in the public eye (entertainers, politicians, and the like) should be subject to a certain amount of scrutiny.  But there’s a limit to what we can see with the naked eye.

I do believe that Houston’s death, which we all pretty much presume was connected to her substance abuse issues, should be important though.

The reason being is that in America, all things related to drugs seem to be viewed through a rather strange lens, and that is perhaps highlighted by Houston’s struggles.

First, there’s the issue of illegal recreational drugs including, but not limited to marijuana, cocaine in its various forms, LSD, ecstasy, and heroin/opiates. Continue reading